Wednesday, July 25, 2012

nearly 25 weeks

I'm back from my roadtrip with Amy. Overall it was a lot of fun, but involved a whole lot more stress than I thought it would...and lots of money, OMG I hadn't realized how expensive it is to travel. I'm glad to be back in my own bed though, I realized that there is no sleep like the kind you get at home.

So I've been thinking about a baby shower. The whole idea of planning a party is stressful for me, so I've been putting it off, but I know I need to get started. I started looking up ideas and I thought the idea of a Baby Welcome Party would be nice, so everyone could actually SEE the baby when they come. Also, it would give me time. Also, mine and Jesse's bdays are around that time, so it would be a perfect time to be around friends. Thoughts? Ideas?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

23 Weeks


Of course, the very day we are set to find out, we get lost and can't find the office, so we all (Kelly, my mom, Jesse, and me) were late. It was in a doctor's office and we were seen by a specialist. He was so professional and thorough. I did NOT expect to see my son in 3D, IT WAS SOO COOL! He was practicing breastfeeding, just sucking away. Here's some pics of my baby boy, isn't he perfect?
Of course, my scanner isn't working, so these are just pictures of pictures.