Monday, May 28, 2012


The hormones have hit...HAAAARD! It feels so awful. I get soo angry about trivial things that I know are trivial, but I can't escape the way I feel, because it's so real. I get sad and I can't stop crying, then I do stop crying, only to think about something else and start crying. My PMS did not even BEGIN to prepare me for THIS. When I'm in these moods, I hate myself, but I can't stop myself from being in whatever mood I am. I was angry for 5 hours straight at work, I hated everything. The next day I got in a fight with my mom because she sympathized with the neighbor who parked in my spot; the one that goes into our driveway. When I come home from an AWFUL day of work, I have to park all the way down the street. I hate college students who do nothing but party, I hate neighbors who park in my spot. I'm just waiting for the day that I lose it. Hormones make me HATE MYSELF!


  1. It's normal...... Just wait until baby is born and you'll feel it again ..... U will be ok just breath baby feels the stress and anger .... Remember that u need to take care of ur mind and body right now :) I know it's hard ..... I'm going through it also ....((8wks and counting)) well survive and look back and go oh wow! Lol aww hope ur days get better ((hug))

  2. I agree with Lynn! It is totally normal so don't beat yourself up about it. I remember with Quinton I wanted waffles from Ihop, no where else would do. I didn't want to tell Denny because it was so stupid. So I just started crying because I wanted them so bad and I couldn't control it. Denny walked in on me crying and was willing to drive the 40 minutes to Ihop to get them for me but then I was crying because he loved me so much and I didn't even care about the waffles any more but I still couldn't stop crying. I was a mess... and that is just one of many stories! Don't worry right now it seems like it will never end but it does and then you forget how crazy it all was.

    With summer here you can always come up here for a vacation!! Love you!

  3. Omg, that would be so wonderful! Thanks guys, I don't know how mothers do it.