Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm getting excited thinking about the cake I'm going to make. You know you love what you do, when you can't wait to start doing it. So I only have a set of 4 round pans that have 2 inches difference between them, so I know the cake is going to be round. 3 tiers. Vanilla cake/Hazelnut mousse (have to find a good recipe, but she said "chocolate pudding" and I think I can do better than that). I know I definitely want to do cascading fondant roses and I think I should start on those pronto, because they are really time-consuming. She said gold and silver, but I think I'm going to stick with Gold, because the silver might take away from it. I don't want to make it a white cake, because it will look too much like a wedding cake, but something light would be nice...I'm thinking light pink, maybe kind of dusty, so as not too look too baby shower. I would like to mix each tier's texture up a bit: alternating. I like quilting, so I'm definitely going to try that, and maybe gold striping, with one tier just a solid color. So check it: (pic uploads are disabled)

Pink cake
cascading roses
alternating stripes and quilts (one tier will be solid pink)

tell me what you think?!

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