Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Work Thus Far Chronologically...

don't know why I felt the need to capitalize each word, but it just felt so right hshshsh!

Feb. '10
My 1st time making a double layer cake and my first experience with fondant. (Marshmallow)
Truth be told, it didn't taste so good, I didn't know what I was doing.

Feb '10
Made this one a week later, tasted much better; the flavors were cohesive
but I made it in a hurry, so there's an obvious defect in the lines

March '10
Cherry pie used my brand new lattice maker, redeemed the terrible lattice work with a homemade flower.
Didn't make it from scratch though: comstock cherries and marie callenders crust, the heroes of an amateur.

March '10
Utilizing my newfound knowledge of how to make fondant ribbons and my wonderful new copper jelly mold, I made this beauty. Still using MM Fondant at this point and figuring out how to dirty frost.

March '10
Probably the most delicious cake I've made to date: Red Velvet and Cream Cheese, but this is what happens when you start thinking you can use just any jello mold. As you can see, it didn't come out of the tin well. It would have been beautiful if it had. Pity.

April '10
I got tired of working with MM Fondant, I hate marshmallows and I didn't have any luck with the flavored MM. This was the product of a wonderful fondant recipe I found and still use to this day. A perfect ball of fondant. I'm inlove ♥ Also found that parchment paper makes for an easier clean-up (worst part of baking).

April '10
To tell you the truth, I didnt't love this one, but I wanted to experiment with different textures and flowers. I would have preferred nicer flowers, the rose was definitely too big, and the bottom wasn't cut right, but it was delicious nonetheless.

April '10
Wanted to make something playful and fun, but it was definitely missing something

I decided to get crazy with the sprinkles and change up the ropes. I'm aware that the balls were still too big for how small the cake was, but we learn through time, right? I think this one is my favorite.

May '10
Mother's day cake. To tell you the truth, I got the idea for flowers when I hated the way I had cut the top tier (tried to make a pentagon, with no cutting skills). It turned out to be very cute. Caution: Buttons are not edible!

July '10
This is my latest creation. Definitely took the most time. I utilized the marbling technique and used electric color (hint at the theme). Kind of psychodelic, I ended up scraping off the green fondant, I didn't like the way it marbled, but it might have made it look more manly. Guitar took forever to make and was disporpionate with the amp, which took the least time to make. There's a mic on the floor by the guitar and on the side are records of psychodelic rock artists: The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin (mostly from the '70s). There's also musical notes.

So there you have it folks. I've made a little progress in between, but I'm definitely planning on getting better, so don't be too harsh in your criticism.

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