Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday and other concerns

It is Black Friday, at least for another hour. I normally don't shop today, there is usually nothing I want enough to withstand long lines, abuse and overall havoc, so I stay home. I did shop today though and the best part was, there was virtually no lines. I bought a printer, a memory card, and a vacuum cleaner for 81 duckets on Later on, I went with my sister-in-law to the 99 cent store (they don't have black friday deals) in search of Christmas decorations and we hit the jackpot. I bought all of my Christmas tree ornaments, skirt, topper, and other decorations for under 30 dollars. The reason why I am so excited about this years' Christmas is that it is, one, my first year in my own place, and two, my first year decorating for Christmas and having a Christmas tree. We also got our tree today. I'm so excited about my tree that I am afraid that someone is going to steal it. I feel like a child, it is like Christmas has become new to me. Tomorrow we decorate and I can't even sleep, I'm so giddy. Edin and I are going to be equally amazed by our tree.

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