Sunday, April 15, 2012

Now everyone knows

I just had one more person to tell and that was Josh. Conveniently enough, he was set to preach for us this Sunday. I hid my prenatal vitamins behind my homemade stretch-mark cream and went to work. He was set to arrive around 6pm today. I come home from work to hear weeping in my room and I didn't know if it's because he found out or because he was praying. Turns out it was both. But it also turns out that he knew before I did and didn't want to intervene. But when he got here, he couldn't hold it in...I didn't even have to tell him, God had already told him months before, giving him a lot of time to deal with it; more than I have! Now I don't have to stress anymore, everyone that is important knows. Thank God.


  1. God is so amazing. Every little detail is under his control. Meanwhile we are so busy stressing about what's going on in our lives, we don't realize that he's already taken care of everything. I'm so happy to read this post, and so thankful for how much He loves you! (and me too!)

  2. Just because we make mistakes doesn't mean God loves us any less. Infact He will do everything He can to help us make it right with Him again. Just remember this baby is your world now, and you need to do right by it and give it all the chance you had or more. Love it, rase it right, and you will do just fine! And remember too that just because you made a mistake this baby isn't one, God knew the outcome and allowed it to happen. Love you and if you need anything you have my #!!