Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pram obsession

So last night, though it WAS my intention to go to sleep, I became obsessed with finding a pram for my baby. I hate modern strollers, they are so chunky and tacky-looking to me. I've ALWAYS wanted a pram, old-fashioned metal frame, big wheels with a bassinet. My heart fell when I discovered how much they cost new, but I got on ebay and last night I found some great deals (compared to the MSRP). Suffice it to say, I stayed up until 3am trying to find the perfect pram for my baby and I think I found it. I have two days now to decide if I want to lay down $470 on the perfect stroller. It has all of the attachments, bassinet and stroller, it looks comfortable, it's my dream stroller and gender neutral...then I tell myself 'I have plenty of time'.

Dream Pram

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